Sa Creu Nova, the result of tradition and design

Sa Creu Nova Petit Palais & Spa is a boutique hotel in the center of the island of Mallorca. In the small town of Campos we can find this great project. An oasis of exclusivity between the best beaches of the island and acres of countryside.

The essence of this project was to restore three old Majorcan houses from the 17th century and turn them into a haven of peace. To achieve the result of tradition and design we recover the built heritage, and we respect to the maximum the traditional Majorcan architecture. Where we can see it present in its walls with the “dry stone”, the arches and the ceilings with its famous beams.

The fruit of a year and a half of construction work was the 5-star boutique hotel, Sa Creu Nova. A hotel with 16 rooms and one apartment. With all the necessities of a luxury hotel in Mallorca, where gastronomy and art have a great weight. From there its, already famous, Tess de Mar – Mediterranean restaurant; and Kairiku – a small Japanese restaurant, created for a maximum of 10 diners, built in the old cellar of the Mallorcan house (a wine cellar, mostly subway to preserve the temperature).

The hotel is created so that you can discover it little by little. The grand entrance with the reception and the open bar are welcoming. At a glance you can appreciate the characteristic character of Sa Creu Nova, thanks to its special architecture and decoration..

Indirect lighting is part of the whole space, creating an intimate and unique atmosphere to give the warm welcome it deserves. In addition to the lighting, the velvet of the furniture, the wood of the furniture and the marés of the walls create a traditional Mallorcan atmosphere with style.

A small number of rooms make up the boutique hotel. This way we make the most of the space to create en-suite bedrooms. The rooms follow the style so aligned with the rest of the spaces. Art, tradition, comfort and design are the values that permeate the rooms of Sa Creu Nova. A living room area, a large bed – King Size -, and a bathroom with all the amenities.

Sa Creu Nova Petit Palais Art & Spa was designed to be a space that breathes art. For this reason, each room and the common areas have works of art. Luca Monzani, Maria Yelletisch, Antonio Navarro Claudia Valsells and Fernando Suarez are the artists who bring the hotel’s walls to life.

The hotel is a small refuge that is making its way. An indoor terrace is the protagonist that features a swimming pool, the restaurant terrace and leads to other hotel services such as the gym, spa and more rooms. Iron and vegetation are key factors in this environment.

The hotel’s restaurants, Tess de Mar and Kairiku, with Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine respectively, seek to convey different sensations.

While the Tess de Mar seeks the gastronomic excellence of the product and therefore we continue with the same decoration and architecture as the rest of the hotel, putting the vision in the smallest detail.

The Japanese Kairiku opted for a much more minimal option. The aim of the restaurant is a menu that you have to trust the chef. From there to use a simpler decoration and indirect lighting so that all the attention is on the gastronomy.

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